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My name is Theresa, my husband and I the own Desert Willow Aussies. We found the Pearl Cream because our dog "Kodiak" had a continual hot-spot on his front leg for months and he would not leave it alone, licking it completely raw.   After trying some over the counter products (with fear of his ingesting them) we were introduced to Desert Silk Pearl Cream by the formulator/friend who assured me it is 100% natural and would not harm him if ingested.  She suggested I wrap his wound with after applying Pearl Cream and within 3 days he left it alone completely and never bothered it again. She also suggested I should be using this on my own skin because of some dryness & acne issues.  The results were wonderful!
At a woman's retreat I noticed a young girl of 16 who attended with us scratching her hands and trying to hide them. I asked her to try this cream after her shower that night (recognizing her struggle with eczema) as I had been told it was awesome for this condition. She came to me in the morning with tears in her eyes and said "I am her new best friend!"   Her struggles with eczema for so long and with one application "overnight" this Pearl Cream healed her to the point where the redness was just light pink and no more itching.  We experienced this same result with my daughters eczema on her face.   She was 9 years old at the time and she no longer has that issue and still uses the Pearl Cream daily. 
Now my husband is in Construction and because of having to wear protective clothing in the heat, he had a terrible struggle with Hemorrhoids. It's a real issue for so many people and too embarrassing to speak about, so I want to share openly (he is gonna kill me for putting this on the website!).  He began using the Desert Silk Hemorrhoid Cream instead of the over the counter products and discovered that it not only soothed the discomfort without the powerful odor of the over the counter product, but healed him totally!  He has continued using this product daily for maintenance and no longer struggles with this issue.
Desert Silk Pearl Products are designed for both men and women, and now after 4 years of using this on my own skin I am thrilled that the results have been amazing. At 49 years old my fine lines are not noticeable any longer and there is no greasy feeling at all even in the heat of the day!  I also use it on my hands and feet and my cuticles are now soft and supple. Acne is not even an issue anymore and it has faded age spots (which I saw lighten over the first few months of use).  The firming cream gave me a LIFT!  Okay, now I'm a believer!

Theresa Gorduyn
Owner of Desert Willow Aussies 
Skin Specialist for Desert Willow Silk Pearl
Belen, New Mexico
"My ten-year-old son had a mean patch of eczema around his mouth: a very difficult area to keep clean, not to mention that he kept rubbing it. One night before he went to sleep I rubbed some Pearl Cream on it and the next morning the red scaly area was almost completely gone. I was truly amazed. I washed his face and applied Pearl Cream one more time, and when he came home from school his face had cleared up. I will ALWAYS have Pearl Cream in my medicine cabinet! Aside from this great benefit, I also love it for my own skin; it's soothing but not oily and my complexion looks and feels better. Thank you, Desert Silk!"
Louise Ducote
Austin, Texas
In 2009 while living in California, I had the pleasure of visiting the Theresa and her family while picking up my first Desert Willow Aussie 
(I now have three from her
) and while there, Theresa introduced me to Desert Silk Pearl Cream. I took some home and actually forgot about it until I discovered it just prior to moving to New Mexico. I started using it again, and once I was in New Mexico realized what an incredible product it is. I typically don't use many products because I have "complicated" skin, but I have become dependent on four of these products. The Pearl Cream, Body Cream, Spray Mist, and the Lip Balm.
I really struggled when I arrived in New Mexico; it was unseasonably cold and then came the winds. I was use to the wind in the Bay Area of California, but this was very drying and I spend a lot of time outside. I called Theresa complaining of my skin and it was then she introduced me to the Body Cream and the Lip Balm. I have been saved! I now have a regiment of these four products that have really saved my skin.

Jacque Pereira
Placitas, New Mexico
My name is Dee and I'm 79 years young. Active as I am including my morning walks with my two Aussies “Who keep me going” had produced another issue with my skin becoming dryer with age and our weather here so dry. I just could not find something that would keep my skin moisturized without feeling greasy, especially in the heat. Theresa shared about the Pearl Cream and gave me a sample about 3 years ago. I have never stopped using it since and it has even smoothed my skin out and taken some of my fine wrinkles away. My skin feels soft all day and there is no sign of dry patches anymore. I don't use much because you don't have to, so a 4 oz tube goes along way. And a Hurray to the Lip Balm - Wow.  In our dusty, dry desert wind have long struggled with chapped lips, this lip balm worked overnight!  No more over the counter Lip Balms for me!
Grandma Dee Dee
Bosque Farms, New Mexico
"I live at 8,000 feet in the Colorado mountains and for years have dealt with the harsh effects of the dry climate. I have two dogs who need long daily walks--rain, snow or sun. To protect my skin, particularly on cold, windy days, I spread a thin layer of Pearl Cream on my face before I venture outdoors. It creates a protective barrier and has the added benefit of nourishing my skin with healthy, natural ingredients. After my walks, if I see a visible layer still on my skin, I simply massage it into my face or remove any excess with a soft washcloth. I highly recommend Pearl Cream. It is backed by solid science, is properly packaged to prevent disintegration of the ingredients, is affordable (a little goes a long way) and is an elegant, skin-soothing combination of some of the finest ingredients found anywhere."
~Michelle Kodis
Ridgway, Colorado
My name is Travis and I am 15 years old. I have been using the pearl cream for, well, a long time. I put it on when I get out of the shower everyday. If I don't use it my skin feels super dry and I start to break out.  I don't have acne or any sort of that on my face I think because I use this cream. But my face is very soft and healthy because I put this on and I make sure to use it everyday.
I'm not one of those dudes that just goes around looking for things for my face. This was the first thing I used and my Mom gave it to me and it works. My Sister had dry skin eczema and it took that away.  That was cool.
So to be honest with you, I hate lotions and I just think its weird greasy and gross. Lotion to me is like when someone is scratching their fingers on a chalk board, creepy and pearl cream does not feel like that at all and there is no smell to it or anything.
I am also a guitar player on our youth worship team at our church and it does help with cracking on my fingers because they are not calloused yet so they crack and I put the cream on then by the next day I can play again. So yes, I do recommend this product.
Travis Gorduyn
Belen, New Mexico
Regarding: Shingles Cream, Body Cream, and Pearl Cream
As a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and a therapist, I see a lot of clients in my office with shingles. Some of my cases are not as bad as others; however, some of my clients are in extreme agony and take heavy medications for the pain. Because of this, I began my search for a natural product that could actually get rid of the pain and itching all together or at least relieve it considerably.
While experimenting with different products I came across a natural shingles cream by Desert Silk with herbs I was very familiar with. I ordered a bottle and gave it to my client with the worst case of shingles. I figured if the cream worked on him it would work on anyone. To my amazement it began to work within five minutes. From that moment on I stopped ordering other products that didn’t work as well and just used the shingles cream from Desert Silk.
I would recommend this product (shingles cream) to anyone who has shingles. I would also recommend this cream to medical doctors, as it would definitely cut out/down the use of pain medication, which has serious side effects.
In regards to Desert Silk’s body cream and pearl cream, I would also like to recommend this fantastic cream. My herbal store carries all kinds of herbs, teas, protein drinks, and some creams. Because I was interested in creams for the skin, especially mine, I looked at the list of creams Desert Silk carried. Because I have very dry skin, I was looking for a cream that didn’t cost a fortune (many of which I have tried), wasn’t greasy, didn’t cause your skin to break out, had natural ingredients with no harmful preservatives, and actually fed your skin and made you look younger. Desert Silk has a wonderful pearl cream with a liquid cellular support and a body cream that is fantastic. Before I put these products in my shop, I wanted to try them to see if it was as great as it sounded.
After trying it for a month I found it made a huge difference in my skin and how smooth and youthful it looked. I implemented the products in my shop and all the women who use these products love them.
I have found Desert Silk to be one of the few companies concerned about the natural contents of their products. The best thing about the products is they actually work.
Wren Saunders, ND
Bio-Energetic Testing & Nutritional Consultant
Preventative Health Care
Albuquerque, New Mexico
I have been meaning to write this all week -
Last weekend I was placing some stuff in our compost bin and heard sounds coming from the bin.  I told my husband Roger and he started poking around in the bin and found a huge yellow jackets nest!
He was wearing his straw work hat and one of the wasps got caught in the brim and bounced back and stung him on the end of his nose.  The last time he was stung we ended up at the hospital!  So I stood there for a few seconds trying to remember what someone told me to use for stings??  Something I was currently using - Pearl Cream!  I coated the end of his nose (with much more than was needed to make him happy) and within five minutes I asked him how he was doing;  he stated that he didn't even feel as if he had been stung?  We turned around and went home!  THANK YOU for sharing the information and this great product!!
Windrose Trading Company
Madison, Virginia
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